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Finding God in Narnia
19 Mar 2017 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Katy Loffman 2017-03-19-six30-KL-The-Voyage-of-the-Dawn-Treader.mp3
12 Mar 2017 Prince Caspian Carolyn Lucas 2017-03-12-six30-CL-Prince-Caspian.mp3
5 Mar 2017 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Stephen Kuhrt 2017-03-05-six30-SK-the-lion-the-witch-and-the-wardrobe.mp3
A Christian response to TED Talks
26 Feb 2017 The Power of Vulnerability Janet Miles 2017-02-26-six30-JM-the-power-of-vulnerability.mp3
19 Feb 2017 The real harm of the global arms trade Alison Hill 2017-02-19-six30-AH-the-real-harm-of-the-global-arms-trade.mp3
12 Feb 2017 Do schools kill creativity? Stephen Kuhrt 2017-02-12-six30-SK-Do-schools-kill-creativity.mp3
5 Feb 2017 Photos that bear witness to modern slavery Nathan Larkin 2017-02-05-six30-NL-Photos-that-bear-witness-to-modern-slavery.mp3
A vision for six30
29 Jan 2017 A people of prayer and dependence on God Carolyn Lucas 2017-01-29-six30-CL-a-people-of-prayer-and-dependence-on-God.mp3
22 Jan 2017 A people being renewed and empowered to serve God Stephen Kuhrt 2017-01-22-six30-SK-a-people-being-renewed-and-empowered-to-serve-God.mp3
15 Jan 2017 A people constantly learning new things from the Bible Katy Loffman 2017-01-15-six30-KL-a-people-learning-new-things-from-the-Bible.mp3
18 Dec 2016 Carols by Candlelight Becky Mills 2016-12-18-six30-BM-carols-by-candlelight.mp3
A verse that sums up Christmas for me
11 Dec 2016 A verse that sums up Christmas for me Isaiah 9:6 Alison Hill 2016-12-11-six30-AH-a-verse-that-sums-up-Christmas-for-me.mp3


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