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Peter learns to follow Jesus
21 May 2017 Confession and Confusion Matthew 16 Tim Davis 2017-05-21-six30-TD-Confession-and-confusion.mp3
7 May 2017 Called and Commissioned Luke 5:1-11 Katy Loffman 2017-05-07-six30-KL-called-and-commissioned.mp3
14 May 2017 Mission Possible Isaiah 61:1-3 Nathan Larkin 2017-05-14-six30-NL-Mission-Possible.mp3
30 Apr 2017 The Last Battle Elizabeth Hill 2017-04-30-six30-EH-The-Last-Battle.mp3
16 Apr 2017 The impact of the Resurrection Becky Mills 2017-04-16-six30-RM-the-impact-of-the-Resurrection.mp3
9 Apr 2017 The significance of Palm Sunday Matthew 21:1-10 Carolyn Lucas 2017-04-09-six30-CL-the-significance-of-palm-Sunday.mp3
Finding God in Narnia
23 Apr 2017 The Magician's Nephew Jon Kuhrt 2017-04-23-six30-JK-The-Magicians-Nephew.mp3
2 Apr 2017 The Horse and his Boy Ruth Henson 2017-04-02-six30-RH-The-horse-and-his-boy.mp3
26 Mar 2017 The Silver Chair Alison Hill 2017-03-26-six30-AH-The-silver-chair.mp3
19 Mar 2017 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Katy Loffman 2017-03-19-six30-KL-The-Voyage-of-the-Dawn-Treader.mp3
12 Mar 2017 Prince Caspian Carolyn Lucas 2017-03-12-six30-CL-Prince-Caspian.mp3
5 Mar 2017 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Stephen Kuhrt 2017-03-05-six30-SK-the-lion-the-witch-and-the-wardrobe.mp3


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