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Stephen Kuhrt
1 Oct 2017 Harvest 2017-10-01-100-SK-Harvest.mp3
24 Sep 2017 Breaking the power of the past 2017-09-24-six30-SK-Breaking-the-power-of-the-past.mp3
10 Sep 2017 A Christian Perspective on the death of Diana 2017-09-10-930-SK-A-Christian-perspective-on-the-death-of-diana.mp3
10 Sep 2017 Letting God into our deepest places 2017-09-10-six30-SK-letting-God-into-our-deepest-places.mp3
3 Sep 2017 What are the Prophets saying to us? Hosea Hosea 2017-09-03-1100-SK-Hosea.mp3
30 Jul 2017 A Vision for Christian Parents 2017-07-30-930-SK-a-vision-for-Christian-parents.mp3
9 Jul 2017 A Vision for Home Groups 2017-07-09-930-SK-a-vision-for-home-groups.mp3
9 Jul 2017 A Vision for Home Groups 2017-07-09-six30-SK-a-vision-for-home-groups.mp3
2 Jul 2017 A vision for our children and young people 2017-07-02-1000-SK-A-vision-for-our-children-and-young-people.mp3
25 Jun 2017 Thinking afresh about the Second Coming 2017-06-25-930-SK-The-second-coming.mp3
4 Jun 2017 The Holy Spirit 2017-06-04-1100-SK-The-Holy-Spirit.mp3
28 May 2017 The Transfiguration Matthew 17 2017-05-28-six30-SK-The-Transfiguration.mp3