About us

About us

Christ Church, New Malden is first and foremost a community of people seeking to worship God by serving one another and the people of New Malden. Around 750 people currently attend Christ Church regularly on Sundays including some 250 children. Many people also are part of our community during the week. There is lots of information on this website about our services, our mission and about regular and special events, but keep reading here for a short introduction.

Christ Church belongs to the Church of England and is the part of the Kingston Episcopal Area in the Diocese of Southwark. Our church building was first established in 1866 when the Duke of Cambridge gave the land for a church to be built for the rapidly expanding population of New Malden. As the town has grown, the church building and halls have seen successive extensions and modifications, all motivated by the desire to make our worship and mission more effective. The most recent of these was the building of a lounge and kitchen on the side of the church building in 1981 and then the complete refurbishment of the interior of the church building in 2007.

Christ Church has always possessed a strong evangelical flavour, placing a particular emphasis upon biblical teaching, the importance of encouraging a personal response to Jesus Christ and supporting overseas mission. In recent years we have sought to combine these important emphases with a desire to make sure that we communicate the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that is accessible and culturally relevant to 21st century lives and particularly seek out the poor and marginalized. Two of the most exciting developments in regard to the latter in recent times have been the development of the Grapevine lunch and our involvement in the Night Shelter (see Action and Our Mission).

Our 9.30 am and six30 @ ccnm services are both examples of our desire to ‘redevelop’ church in order to serve 21st century needs and requirements. The 9.30 service is extremely trim lasting just 50-55 minutes with its important characteristic being its ‘Sssh-free’ environment, meaning that everything possible is done to allow children to be themselves and young families completely welcome. The recent growth at this service and the huge numbers of young children coming has given us enormous encouragement. Our six30 @ ccnm service uses café style seating and aims to provide a style of worship, teaching and community suitable to later teenagers as well as adults. Alongside these services, the 11.00 am service aims to provide a more formal and quieter style of worship for those who find this most helpful (see Sunday services for more details).

Another particular feature of Christ Church is our emphasis on the full ministry of women. We are convinced that this is strongly endorsed by the Bible and the ministry of our outstanding curate, Carolyn Lucas, has already brought the church enormous blessing. We also have another brilliant woman – Katy Loffman – now trained as a lay reader and our hope is that Christ Church will serve as a beacon for the full development of women’s ministry within the evangelical Anglican tradition.

Through all of these features, our consistent aim is be a church that worships God by serving one another and the people of New Malden. Our desire is to bring the love of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible in New Malden by being ‘God’s community, in the community, for the community’.