William Challacombe (1893-1920)

William Challacombe (1893-1920)

William Challacombe

The second Vicar of Christ Church, William Allen Challacombe (1862-1951) arrived in New Malden in January 1893. 

William Challacombe was, it seems, a gentler character than his predecessor and is described in the first Parish History as having ‘a sensitive nature and was easily wounded. Yet thankfulness and praise came readily to him as becomes the man of God’. 

The photo below shows Challacombe in his study. In the Parish History, William Authers describes him as ​strongly Evangelical​', and that '​He kept closely to the Prayer Book, and his Bible was to him the Word of God'.

William Challacombe in his study

We also see him in the vicarage garden with his wife Jessie.

William Challacombe and his wife Jessie in the Vicarage Garden

William Challacombe resigned as Vicar in August 1920. The first Parish History notes '​In a parting word he said it had been to them a happy service because his people had made it so by their kindness and generosity ... That his labours were appreciated was evidenced in the respect and esteem shown him on all sides​'.

He lived until 1951 but his wife Jessie died in 1925 and it was in her memory that the Oak Panelling in the Chancel was given.

Charles Stirling Building CCNM 1893-1920 Alvan Birkett