Alvan Birkett (1921-1935)

Alvan Birkett (1921-1935)

The third Vicar of Christ Church, the Reverend Alvan Birkett (1878-1966) arrived with his wife Mabel in 1921.

In the first Parish History, William Authers says of Alvan Birkett ‘…there was a spirit of friendliness about him… There was one concern always with him – that of the “man outside”… He was a Christian before he was a churchman, and his soul hungered for his fellow man. Denomination did not much matter to him, only as a means of contact. Thus it came about that he was everywhere welcomed because of the warmth of his friendliness

As well as the portrait photo above, we have photos of Alvan Birkett playing tennis and skittles at a Vicarage Garden Party in June 1926.

These photos belonged to a keen member of Christ Church, Nancy Symes.

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