Community at CCNM News

Community at CCNM

Christ Church Cinema Club meets again on Friday 19th. Join us for a drink in the Lounge from 7:45pm before the film starts at 8pm. (Everyone is welcome, but please note that this event is suitable for adults only!)
Women’s Own will meet in the Lounge on Thursday 25th for coffee and chat.
Connections will next meet in the Lounge on Wednesday 7th June. All women are warmly invited to join us for a cup of tea or coffee from 9:45am.
Men Behaving Dadly returns on Saturday 10th June. All dads and their under 6s are invited to join us in the Lounge from 9:30am
Mum’s the Word will meet again on Tuesday 13th June – the perfect opportunity for mums of small children to relax, have fun, and get to know each other better.

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