Look Who's Talking

Look Who's Talking

‘Look Who’s Talking’ is a monthly Christ Church podcast.  Chaired by Anna Larkin, regulars Stephen Kuhrt and Nathan Larkin are joined each month by another guest to discuss ‘all things Christ Church’. ‘Look Who’s Talking’ aims to keep the congregation of Christ Church informed about the life of the church looking back at events and issues over the preceding month and those within the month to follow. As well as discussing church life on a local level, it also touches on those affecting the Church of England and Christian church more generally.

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Dec 2016 Look Who's Talking 0024: 150 not out Special Guest: John Henson LWT24-Dec-2016-150-not-out.mp3
Sep 2016 Look Who's Talking 0023: Embroidering the Truth Special Guest: Anita Ferrero LWT23-Sep-2016-Embroidering-the-Truth.mp3
Aug 2016 Look Who's Talking 0022: Building for the future Special Guest: Alison Hill LWT22-Aug-2016-Building-for-the-future.mp3
Apr 2016 Look Who's Talking 0021: APCMs, PCCs, CWs & LGBTs Special Guest: Mark Hayman LWT21-April-2016-APCM-PCC-CW-and-LGBT.mp3
Mar 2016 Look Who's Talking 0020: Teenage Perspectives Special Guest: Rebecca Kuhrt LWT20-March-2016-Teenage-Perspectives.mp3
Feb 2016 Look Who's Talking 0019: Service with a smile Special Guest: Jenny Cropper LWT19-Feb-2016-Service-with-a-smile.mp3
Jan 2016 Look Who's Talking 0018: Students and Suffering Special Guest: Rachel Cook LWT18-Jan-2016-Students-and-Suffering-2.mp3
Dec 2015 Look Who's Talking 0017: Christmas Connections Special Guest: Heather Perrin LWT17-December-2015-Christmas-Connections.mp3
Nov 2015 Look Who's Talking 0016: Andrew the Builder Special Guest: Andrew Pelczarski LWT16-Novmber-2015-Andrew-the-Builder.mp3
Oct 2015 Look Who's Talking 0015: Tackling Scary Subjects Special Guest: Tim Davis LWT15-Tackling-scary-subjects.mp3


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