Stewart Downey (1991-2006)

Stewart Downey (1991-2006)

In March 1991 J. Stewart Downey (b 1938) arrived with his wife Beryl and their family to become the ninth Vicar of Christ Church. Stewart was from Northern Ireland and with his broad accent and wry sense of humour brought a different atmosphere to Christ Church.

Stewart was also a tremendously committed pastor spending a great deal of time visiting and together with his strong desire to make the church more accessible to outsiders (usually described by him as ‘pagans’) added new strengths to those that Christ Church already possessed.

Another noteworthy feature of his ministry at Christ Church was his great enthusiasm for welcoming and integrating Koreans into Christ Church (see also Life at Christ Church: 1991-2006).

The photo below shows Stewart at his 65th birthday party, in conversation with Sarah Parker and Stephen Kuhrt.

John Short Building CCNM 1991-2006 Stephen Kuhrt