Llewellyn Roberts (1958-1968)

Llewellyn Roberts (1958-1968)

Uncle Llew

Llewellyn Edwin Lloyd Roberts (1889-1984) arrived with his wife Irene to become the sixth Vicar of Christ Church in 1958.

The new vicar was 69 when he came to Christ Church.  Announcing his appointment Churchwardens David Burton and Reg Ellis said they had ‘found a man who matched all our requirements part from the one of age, and having met him, they didn’t think that would matter’.

Known by many, with a great deal of affection, as ‘Uncle Llew’, anecdotes of his comments and activities at Christ Church and beyond have been remembered and retold over many years.

Irene Roberts led Women’s Own during this period and a photo shows another garden party outside the vicarage shortly before they left in 1968.

When ‘Uncle Llew’ died a memorial service for him was held at Christ Church in April 1984. He is still very fondly remembered by many at Christ Church.

Claude Bartle Building CCNM 1958-68 Peter Coombs