John Short (1976-1990)

John Short (1976-1990)

In 1976 John Sinclair Short (1933-2014) arrived with his wife Sheila and his children Angie, Ruth and Steve to become the eighth Vicar of Christ Church. John Short had worked in the Bank of England and his strong and engaging preaching style plus the energy of the church attracted many people to Christ Church.

The photos below show John Short outside and inside Christ Church.

This one shows John and Sheila outside the Vicarage.

Another shows John at a PCC meeting with Ian Young, who was Churchwarden for eleven years between 1973 and 1984.

A major cause of concern at Christ Church in 1987-88 was the viral encephalitis which afflicted John Short and put him out of action for six months and very nearly led to his death. John’s earlier sabbatical in Africa between June and September 1985 almost certainly wasn’t connected to him contracting the illness. A huge amount of prayer was said and there was great rejoicing at Christ Church when John Short eventually passed out of danger.

John and Sheila Short left in 1990. The photo below shows them with the Churchwardens who served during their time at Christ Church and their wives.

John died in 2014 but we were delighted that Sheila and her daughter Ruth were able to join us for our 150th Anniversary celebration.

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